“The stories of my shattered dreams,
Ask my pillow,
Why heartache loudly screams
Ask my pillow,
How often it sees teary rain
Does it measure the amount of pain?
Ask my pillow, A Swing in Heaven by Nitika Sharma.

I received an e-book version of this book with no monetary compensation from the author and this is my honest review.

This book has a lot of poems with different questions in it, with a personalized tone, that made me think as if the author seeks to know her true identity, it is a deep and evocative book.

Nitika Sharma seems to have a sort of tone that is quite dreadful, her questioning poems are the one that lives me resonating on what should have prompted it.

I come to realize that this poem was written based on inspiration from the death of the author’s father. I think it is one of the reasons why some themes of it are so emotionally felting and expressing a sort of heartfelt condolences.

I don’t have any issue with this book, just that it takes a different style with gaps in between the lines and stanzas of each poem. I think it is a style that the author admires, and has poetry cannot be characterized as either good or bad, so I wouldn’t consider that as a serious case. Moreover, I admire the quotes at the end of each poem, it’s fact-oriented, and it added more charm to the book.

I solely recommend this book to poetry lovers, you might find what would please you therein. I believe you will find this short book to what I have described and even beyond

Book Title: A Swing In Heaven
Authored by: Nitika Sharma
Page number: 75 pages.
Published on Amazon
Book purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/8195035280
Reviewed by Peter Okonkwo (Author of Ecstasy of the Dead, and Fate, In the Dungeon of Doom)

Published by Peter Okonkwo

Peter Okonkwo was born in Akure, a city in the South-Western part of Nigeria. He is a fatalistic writer, author, editor, entrepreneur, poet, soon-to-be novelist of Etean's Destiny; and a certified orator from the Friendship Leadership Institute of Nigeria. Peter is the author of three poetry collections: Ecstasy of the Dead; Fate, In the Dungeon of Doom, and Whose Fault, Kismet or Impediment? His works have been surveyed as one that runs a gamut of emotion, religion undercurrents, the afterlife, mysteries of the human fate - occasionally coming across a quite wistful, melancholy, and in other instances very positive, and thought-provoking sort of anthologies. Peter is the host of the "P. English Literature" YouTube channel where he review books and conducts interviews with authors around the world.

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