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What People Say

Peter Okonkwo is a fast-paced, vast writer, poet, social commentator, and an advocate of good governance. He writes on diverse topics but aspectual in issues dealing with emotional maladies; its support, incentive, and how-to-regain confidence after gloomy days. His works are rich in cognizant daily realities, as it focuses on the readers’ psyche and drawstrings the issues affecting humanity. His objectivism and unbiased lenses in painting emotional support for the bleak soul(s) are unusual.

Jiya Sunday Ezekiel

Ink solidifies our words and voices, assuring a listening ear somewhere in the world. So when you are chanced enough to meet a beautiful mind filled with life-changing literary works, take your time to savor it. Peter Okonkwo, is an intriguing author who has shared wonderful poems, articles, and stories feeding us into the reality of a culture often overlooked. Ecstasy of the dead is a must-read for all those opening enough to experience variety of emotional rides and spin in every aspect of life. You are assured to laugh, smile and perhaps get to the verge of tears, but definitely no regrets. Vanessa Kambamba (Ecstasy of the Dead)

Life is all about understanding the philosophical stance of the world we live in, the pros and cons, and understanding how to maneuver our life around it. Every day, humans tend to face different challenges and experience a whole lot of striking situations. The American mentality as the saying goes is made up of “Culture, life, and experience”. Peter Okonkwo, a rare gem, gifted with the talent to illustrate life’s issues. His ardor for writing is undoubtedly quite remarkable as he touches everyone with his poetry. I sometimes think to myself that this poetic work should be acknowledged all over the world. I recommend this artistic piece to be read for an exposition to the vital issues of life, to be meditated on for inspiration directed towards living life positively, and to be acted upon to impact the world around us.
Agesin Oluwatosin John (Ecstasy of the Dead)

Peter Okonkwo, has with his writings, helped the downtrodden ones. He articulates distinctively on life’s rigorous subject matters. He is a poet passionate about impacting people through his works.
Prince AB Newland

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SCARS BY LUCAS PARKS An Evocative, Rhythmic, and Profound Poetry. Lucas Park’s Scars is a collection of brilliant, deep, thought-provoking poetry that held me captive until I finished indulging my relatable emotions in it.This book is made up of five sections just as the book depicts. The first part S symbolized Suffering, then C –Continue reading “SCARS BY LUCAS PARKS”


IT IS WHAT IT IS BECAUSE IT NEVER WAS, AND WHAT NEVER WAS, CAN NEVER BE BY RONNELL BEATY Resonating, didactic, and biblical poetry. This book is a collection of poetry that expounds on a wide range of topics about humanity. It’s an empathetic, resonating, didactic, and biblical collection of poems that kept me awe-inspiredContinue reading “IT IS WHAT IT IS BECAUSE IT NEVER WAS AND WHAT NEVER WAS CAN NEVER BE BY RONNELL BEATY”


CRESCENT MOONS BY K. E ROBINSON “An enthralling, action-driven fiction novel” Keelen Robinson’s Crescent Moons is an absorbing fiction novel that held me captive until I finished indulging my relatable emotions in it, it’s enthralling, action-packed, full of suspense, and fantastically crafted. This book detailed the death of a well-known local hero, France, and hisContinue reading “CRESCENT MOONS BY K.E ROBINSON”

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